Outpatient Examination Info

Reception Hours

8:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. (Except Saturday, Sundays, and Holidays)

Outpatient Examinations (Flow)

Before arrival

Examination at a local medical clinic

Note: Get a referral from the doctor.

Make an appointment

If you have a referral:

Make an appointment at the Community Medicine Service Center.
See details here

Note: When being examined, be sure to bring your medicine handbook.

After arrival


If you have a referral:
If you don’t have a referral:

With appointment

Referred Patient Reception Counter (1F)

Without appointment

① First-Time Examination Reception Counter (1F)

First-Time Examinations

① First-Time Examination Reception Counter (1F)

Follow-Up Examinations

Reception at respective block

Those with appointments should insert their examination ticket at the Follow-Up Examination Kiosk, then wait in the respective block.

Examination & Tests

See outpatient doctors’ schedules.
● After being examined, get an outpatient slip (yellow clear file) from staff.
Inpatients should check Becoming an Inpatient (Flow).

Medical Fee Payment

● Submit your outpatient slip (yellow clear file) to ② Settlement Counter (1F). Your total will be calculated.


*Medical fees are not eligible for point rewards from cashless payments.

● Go to the Payment Kiosk (1F) or ③ Cashier Counter.
Visitors who don’t have their examination card or require a refund should not use the Payment Kiosk, but pay at ③ Cashier Counter.

<③ Cashier Counter Hours: 8:45–19:00>

● For visitors who require a doctor’s note or medical certificate, go to ④ Documentation Reception Counter (1F).

TEL: 06-6131-3214

Leave Hospital

For Foreign Nationals Seeking an Examination at Kitano Hospital (Anyone without Japanese National Health Insurance)

At Kitano Hospital, from April 1. 2019, all care for foreign nationals who do not have Japanese health insurance qualification is charged at a rate of 30 yen per 1 medical remuneration point. The same applies to Japanese citizens living overseas who do not have Japanese health insurance qualification.
We do not issue English medical statements.