Additional Fees for Foreign Nationals without a Referral

Additional Examination Fee for a First-Time Patient without a Referral

If you are a new patient to this hospital and do not have a referral from another medical institution, you will be charged a selective treatment fee (11,000 yen) in addition to the initial visit fee.

First-time patients fall under the following criteria:

  1. Patients examined for the first time at this hospital
  2. Patients that have not been examined for more than 6 months due to circumstances (excludes health checkups and vaccinations)

Additional Reexamination Fee for a First-Time Patient without a Referral

Patients who choose to be reexamined at this hospital despite receiving a letter of referral to another medical institution will be charged for a “saishinji sentei ryoyohi” in addition to the reexamination fee.

After-Hours Fee for First-Time Patient without a Referral

As a secondary emergency medical facility, we accept emergency patients on a 24-hour basis. However, many outpatients examined during after-hours are not considered emergency cases (in other words, minor illness), and cause delays to patients who need immediate treatment, which is the main purpose of being an emergency-ready facility. To improve this situation, you will be charged the above fee.

“After-Hours” (Excludes Holidays)