General Information

Floor Guide

The hospital’s Administration Department is on the 5th and 6th floors. All floors below the 4th floor are called the Lower Zone which consists of the Repartment and the Central Medical Department. The Upper Zone, on floors above the 7th floor, consists of patient wards, and the Basement 2 & 3 Zone consists of the Service Department and Machinery Room.

Atriums were constructed on both the Lower Zone and Upper Zone and easy orientation and accessibility were taken into consideration to improve the residential conditions.
There are elevators and escalators next to the atriums, providing ease of movement throughout the hospital.

Floor Layout

Out-Patient Department Services (OPD)
The Lower Zone(Out-Patient and Central Medical Department ) is a clear-cut structure equipped with waiting halls in half circular shapes, reflecting the structure of the wards. The atrium, which includes escalators, is bright and makes the layout of the OPD easier to understand.

Prana Hall
Prana Hall is on the 5th floor of the hospital. This hall is intended to provide patients with some relaxation time. “Prana” is a word from the Hindi language, which in Indian philosophy represents cosmic energy. Energy from the sunlight radiates into this hall and you feel as if you are outside and a bright light is streaming into your heart.

The Regional Medical Practice Research Center
Since its establishment, Kitano Hospital has dedicated itself to medical care in the region in cooperation with medical practitioners. The staff, with the facilities in the new hospital, will do their best to cooperate with those who are involved in the regional medical care, and to function as the center of regional medicine in Osaka.

Facility Surroundings
The hospital’s land was a unifying plan consisting of two pieces of land across the street from each other. Entrances were made in the east, west, and south parts of the hospital for patients who come from different directions such as Umeda or Ogimachi. The ambulance car and service car entrances are on the north side, separated from the general entrance. Greenery was planted around the facility ‘s surroundings to make a “healing park” which welcomes visitors. This area is a vacant lot designated for public use. As a space for pedestrians using these public sidewalks, we are working to improve urban aesthetics..