About Kitano Hospital

Masajiro Tazuke, a millionaire from Osaka, suffered for several years from empyema of the chest.
After being cured through surgical treatments at Kyoto University, Tazuke entrusted his dream of creating the best medical treatment center in Osaka, along with a sizeable donation, to the University.

In 1925, with permission from the Minister of Education and the Minister of the Interior of the Japan Government, the Tazuke Kofukai Medical Research Institute was established. In 1928, with the land donated by Osaka City in response to the Institute’s founding, a hospital was attached to the Institute in order to perform clinical research and then the mayor of the city, Hajime Seki, named it Kitano Hospital.

Since then, Kitano Hospital has played a leading role in Osaka, and continues to make advancements in medical research, from bench to bedside. Kitano Hospital offers 699 beds and more than 1000 staff members.